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Configuring SmartPort for Skyriver

The following video tutorials about SmartPort/Skyriver can be viewed:
VIDEO 1: Setting up properties
VIDEO 2: Search tips
VIDEO 3: Capturing records, editing call number info, adding items.


Location of Smartport:

Just to re-cap, Smartport is located in the "Cataloging" module, under the "Common Tasks" toolbar.

Before Connecting:
Configure the Smartport properties (mostly per the SHARE cataloging manual). Right-click on the Smartport wizard, then select "Properties". Verify or set the following properties....

  • Make sure "match and load" is checked.
  • Make sure "match on title control number" is checked.
  • Specify ISBN, ISSN, LCCN, OCLC 001 and Local 001 in the "Title control number source" box (should read "islog" when you're done).
  • In the "Call sources" field, type or paste this string "DEWEY,082,,N" (include the commas).
  • Select your library from the "Library" dropdown.
  • "Format" should be "MARC".
  • Use the "Remove subject headings" field, type in "2356" (without any commas).
  • Make sure "Match and Load" is checked.
  • Make sure "Verify options" and "Strip junktags" are both set to yes.
  • Set the "Single server" hit limit. We recommend a limit of 20 or so (the number of hits that will be displayed after you do a search).
  • Set the "Multi-server limit" to "3".
  • Set the "Browse terms limit" to "10".
  • Make sure that "Formatted full display" is set as "Yes".

No login credentials are needed. Jim has set up a port forwarding mechanism that should allow any of you to connect to Skyriver via Smartport as long as you're within the WAN. All you need to do is check the "Skyriver Cataloging Access" box, then click "Connect".

Using the "general" search will typically produce the best results. For books & other items in print format, we recommend using the ISBN (entered manually or scanned in). If ISBN returns a negative search, you can do a general search using the title of the book, the author's name, or a combination of both using boolean operators "AND, OR, NOT". Example: "tom clancy AND op center". For audio and visual materials (dvd's, cd's, etc.), we recommend using either the UPC code or the publisher number (entered exactly as it appears on the item) as your 1st search point. As with print materials, we suggest then going to a title, author, or combined search if the first attempt yields no satisfactory records.

Notes on the indexes: Title and Author searches should be entered as a General/Keyword search. There are Title and Author indexes that you can select in the drop-down menu, but Skyriver does not support it yet. We're working with them to get this supported & anticipate enabling this functionality later. In the mean time, we've been getting great results from the General/Keyword and ISBN indexes.



If you're unable to connect to SkyRiver through Smartport, it's possible that your local computer does not recognize the SHARE Directors Station server. To correct this, work through the following steps:

1.) Go to Start Menu > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt (if using Windows Vista/7, right click & select "run as administrator").

2.) A black box will pop up. In that box, type "ping" & hit enter. The command will execute, return a series of Replies then give final statistics. If the final statistics indicate that some or all packets were lost, this means that your computer cannot connect to the Directors Station server. Proceed to step 3. If no packets were lost, please contact Jim Novy or Steve Ohs.

3.) Go to My Computer > Local Disk (C:) > Windows > System32 > drivers > etc.

4.) Double click the "hosts" file & open with Notepad.

5.) Add the following line of text to the end of the file:

6.) Save the file & close. Restart the computer. You should now be able to access both SkyRiver & Directors Station.


Questions? Contact us or open a helpdesk ticket at